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At Costa Rican Trails, we have a large assortment of vacation and travel packages to choose from – beach, adventure, eco-tours, romantic honeymoon, family and more. However, we want you to have exactly what you wish! Please use the custom itinerary form below to tell us exactly what you’re looking for.

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If you have never been to Costa Rica before, you may want to review some of our current packages to pick up some vacation ideas. We have every type of vacation package imaginable from “go it alone” self drive tours to fully guided and escorted travel packages. To see exactly what might interest you, take the time to review the different types of packages below to see what Costa Rica has to offer, and then tell us about your dream desires in the custom itinerary form below. Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Beach Vacation Packages - from the “Gold Coast” to the Caribbean, for families, surf or romantics
Romance and Honeymoon Packages – what better place than the tropics for romance?
Family Vacation Packages – In Costa Rica, there is something for every member, and warm weather!
Eco Packages and Tours – Be ecologically minded, but travel in comfort.
Flexi Self Drive Tours – go where you want to go and stay where you want to stay at approved hotels.
Adventure Tour Packages – selections from the faint hearted to the adrenalin seekers….
Yoga / Wellness / Holistic Packages – with always warm weather, yoga on the beach or mountain tops
SCUBA Diving Packages – Right off the coast of Costa Rica or multi-day island tours
Packages for Bird Watching – The Audubon Society rates us as one of the best
Bike Riding Packages – from streets to mountain biking
Trekking Packages – from daily hikes to multi-day excursions
Motorcycle Touring Packages – That’s right, and on quality on and off road motor bikes.
Nature / Jungle Packages – Get serious about nature, but not necessarily sacrificing comfort
Guanacaste - “The Gold Coast” of Costa Rica Beach Packages where the sun always shines
Guided Tour Packages – for those desiring the highest level of pampering

Thank you for considering Costa Rican Trails as your travel provider in Costa Rica, in business since 1989, with a government license - ICT Lic. # 226 - and "5 leaves" accreditation for sustainability practices for eco-tourism.

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